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Cupro (rayon cuproammoniacale) è il nome con cui è conosciuta la fibra di cellulosa rigenerata ottenuta mediante il procedimento cuprammoniacale. Cupro è un materiale antistatico e traspirante. Il procedimento, nato in Germania alla fine dell’Ottocento, ha avuto applicazioni industriali a partire dal 1911, ad opera della Bemberg e poi rilanciata in diversi paesi, Italia …
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全球專業 fabric cupro 制造商與生產商。磐聚網使用30多家國際數據源幫助您找到高質的 fabric cupro供應商。 以上公司排名為自然搜索結果,未經過特殊許可或通過贊助磐據網出現。以上搜索結果來自不同公開或私有數據合作來源。
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Fabric House is your 1st choice for fashion fabrics. More than 10.000 different fabrics immediately available from stock. Low minimums, highest quality and best service in
Rayon satin Fabric-yuetong textile
凡是用再生纖維分子做原料, 而羥基中的氫含量不超過15%的, 都算Rayon.目前生產的Rayon主要有: 1. Viscose Rayon粘膠, 全世界絕大部份的rayon都是用viscose工藝制造 2. Cuperammonium rayon (cupro / Bemberg) 銅氨(日本旭化成公司的產品) 和改良型的
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Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro 全面革新後期製作,帶來 360 影片剪輯和動態圖像製作,4K HDR 支援,以及各種更出色的色彩校正工具。 剪接工作,更快,更俐落。 Final Cut Pro 擁有現代化的 Metal 引擎,讓你可剪輯更加複雜的專案,並可處理更大的影格尺寸,更高的格率及更多效果,一切更以極速進行。
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TENCEL 一種極為優質的纖維『天絲棉』 @ PTの談天說地 :: 痞客邦

一種極為優質的纖維『天絲』 何謂 TENCEL? TENCEL (天絲)纖維是英國 Acocdis 公司生產的 LYOCELL 纖維的商標名稱,中文註冊名為『天絲』,Tencel 是的一種纖維素纖維,它的原料是 100% 植物纖維,以木漿為原料經溶劑紡絲方法生產製成。 在
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Lyocell is a form of rayon. It consists of cellulose fibre, made from dissolving pulp and then reconstituting it by dry jet-wet spinning. The fibre is used to make textiles for clothing and other purposes.[1] Unlike rayon made by the viscose process, lyocell production does not use harmful carbon sulfide,[2][3] which is toxic to workers and
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What is TENCEL™ fibers fabric made of? About …

TENCEL Lyocell & Modal fibers are textiles that’s produced by environmentally friendly processes derived from natural raw materials. Known for being exquisitely soft; its versatility allows it to be combined with a wide range of textile fibers. Learn more now.
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Rayon, artificial textile material composed of regenerated and purified cellulose derived from plant sources. Developed in the late 19th century as a substitute for silk, rayon was the first man-made fibre. Rayon is described as a regenerated fibre because the
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