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忘記 Apple ID 帳密人人都會發生,導致卡在 iCloud 啟用鎖定的畫面,這時該怎麼辦?「iCloud 啟用鎖定」原是 Apple 設計來防止 iPhone 遺失時確保隱私安全的保護機制,最近常常有網友來信詢問該怎麼破解 iCloud 啟用鎖定?坦白說不只是忘記帳密的人會遇到,如果你買的是二手 iPhone 也會遇到這樣的問題
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Sync for iCloud
Synchronize your iCloud calendar on your Android device for free. There are no limitations, all features are available for free. No need for transferring your iCloud data to another service anymore. With Sync, you can keep your data stored in iCloud just in case you may wish to switch to an iOS device in the future, or if you do not trust other services. Quickly access other iCloud …
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iCloud is a free cloud storage service that enables you to safely store your files online without worrying about space and manually transferring them across devices. Released by Apple back in 2011, this cloud computing service is available by default for Apple mobile devices.
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iCloud Locked: How to bypass iCloud Activation on …

Part 2: Bypass iCloud activation on iPhone with a smart tool A fast and safe tool to unlock locked iCloud While talking about a suitable tool to bypass iCloud activation, missing out on Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) doesn’t make any sense as it is the most trusted and loved tool by millions of …
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之前外國都有人試過唔見咗部iPhone,之後喺iCloud發覺有喺中國影嘅新相,引發咗網上瘋傳嘅「廣東橘子哥」故事。最近又有類似事件發生,29歲嘅工程師Nathan Buhler喺8月2日唔覺意跌咗部電話落河,佢連執都費事,因為諗住壞硬。點知過咗兩星期佢居然喺自己Facebook發覺有新相發佈!
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iCloud服務當機近36小時 蘋果:問題已解決
蘋果在近36小時後,把官方網站系統狀態的錯誤訊息改為正常,在iCloud帳號與登入項目,顯示為「已解決問題」。 根據系統顯示,在臺灣時間25日下午5時45分到27日上午5時35分之間,部分使用者可能曾在使用iCloud帳號與登入服務時遇到問題。
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iPhone 6 Plus影相「鬆郁朦」 Apple全球免費維修
用 iPhone 6 Plus 的朋友,唔知有冇遇過影相「鬆郁朦」問題?原來 Apple 官方証實部份 iPhone 6 Plus 的 iSight 相機出問題,需全球維修。想知自己部機有冇中招同點算?就要睇睇內文啦!
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What Is iCloud? And How Do I Use It?
7/7/2020 · These services include iCloud Drive, which is similar to Dropbox and Google Drive; iCloud Photo Library, which is an offshoot of Photo Stream; iTunes Match; and even Apple Music. iCloud also provides you with a way to back up your iPad in case you need to restore it at a future point, and while you can download the iWork suite to your iPad from the App Store, you can …
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5/11/2016 · 閣下有用埋iphone or ipad, 配icloud 就方便好多, 例如 sync 曬web book mark, sync 其他共有apps files. 作者: 命運的旋律 時間: 2016-11-4 10:34 AM iCloud drive好有用,有d唔常用都都有用的相,docs我會擺上去,方便我係手機或ipad有時有需要先拎落來
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問題: 男朋友之前俾手鏈頸鏈圖我睇,問我靚唔靚,以為佢送俾我,點知原來送左俾第二個女仔,佢將禮物加一封信一齊寄俾個女仔,仲留低自己微信ID。另外一件事,佢係微信搵援交,不停問人拎圖,仲覆人話啲相好正,但未有實際行動。佢值得原諒嗎?
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